Lecithin nanoparticles enhance the cryosurvival of caprine sperm

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Lecithin nanoparticles enhance the cryosurvival of caprine sperm

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Title: Lecithin nanoparticles enhance the cryosurvival of caprine sperm
Author: Nadri, T.;Towhidi, Armin;Zeinoaldini, Saeeid;Martínez Pastor, Felipe;Mousavi, M.;Noei, R.;Tar, M.;Mohammadi Sangcheshmeh, Abdollah
xmlui.dri2xhtml.METS-1.0.item-contributor: Facultad de Ciencias Biologicas y Ambientales
xmlui.dri2xhtml.METS-1.0.item-area: Biologia Celular
Abstract: This study was designed to compare the effects on goat spermatozoa cryosurvival of nano-lecithin-based (NL), lecithin-based (L) and egg yolk-based (EY) extenders. Ejaculates were collected from four fertile goats using artificial vagina and diluted with nine extenders. NL and L were tested at concentrations 1%, 2%, 3% and 4% (w/v), versus 15% (v/v) egg yolk-based extender. Overall, sperm quality (higher motility, viability and HOST, and lower apoptosis) was higher for NL than for L treatments (P < 0.05 for most cases, except for 1%). NL at 1% and especially at 4% showed lower motility and viability than 2% or 3% NL. NL at 2% achieved a better performance (P < 0.05) than EY for VCL (131.5 ± 1.3 vs. 120.3 ± 1.9 μm/s), VSL (43.9 ± 1.5 vs. 35.8 ± 1.4 μm/s), LIN (35.7 ± 0.6 vs. 29.3 ± 0.8%), WOB (47.0 ± 0.5 vs. 43.9 ± 0.9%) and viability (66.4 ± 1.7 vs. 52.7 ± 1.9%). Late apoptotic spermatozoa were also lower in 2% NL compared to EY (16.0 ± 0.5 vs. 26.3 ± 1.1%, P < 0.001). EY and 2% NL were compared in an IVF trial, with no significant differences in cleavage (68.8 vs. 70.8%) or blastocyst ratios (21.3 vs. 20.8%). In conclusion, using 2% nanolecithin in semen dilution could improve sperm cryosurvival of goat.
xmlui.dri2xhtml.METS-1.0.item-desfisica: P. 38-44
xmlui.dri2xhtml.METS-1.0.item-peerreviewed: SI
Publisher: Elsevier
xmlui.dri2xhtml.METS-1.0.item-citation: Theriogenology, 2019, vol. 133
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10612/10809
Date: 2019-07-15
xmlui.dri2xhtml.METS-1.0.item-tipo: info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Subject: Veterinaria
xmlui.dri2xhtml.METS-1.0.item-palclave: Nanoparticle
Sperm cryopreservation
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