Culture of Differentiated Adult Rabbit Auricular Chondrocytes

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Culture of Differentiated Adult Rabbit Auricular Chondrocytes

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Title: Culture of Differentiated Adult Rabbit Auricular Chondrocytes
Author: Villar-Suárez, V.;Colaço, B.;Calles-Venal, I.;Fernández-Álvarez, G.;Fernández-Caso, M.;Villar, J.M.
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Abstract: Chondrocytes dedifferentiate to a fibroblast-like phenotype on plastic surfaces. Dedifferentiation is reversible if these cells are then cultured embedded in gels as alginate, agarose or collagen. Chondrocytes cultured in suspension on a nonadherent surface are also known to form aggregates of differentiated cells. The knowledge of chondrocyte behavior in culture is relevant for tissue engineering purposes. In this report we describe a simple method to culture differentiated or redifferentiated rabbit auricular chondrocytes on plastic surfaces with a stable phenotype. When chondrocyte aggregates formed in suspension are next seeded on plastic surfaces, most of them attach to the plastic as round or polygonal cells, and this morphological differentiation, confirmed by the presence of type II collagen, is stable for long culture periods. We also report that the addition of aggregates to monolayer cultures of dedifferentiated chondrocytes results in their redifferentiation, as is shown by their morphological changes and the synthesis of type II collagen. Therefore, this simple method can be useful for the study of chondrocyte behavior on plastic surfaces and for redifferentiating previously proliferated chondrocytes in tissue engineering techniques. Furthermore, these results demonstrate that, in addition to culture conditions such as cell isolation method or cell-density, chondrocyte behavior on plastic depends on the presence or absence of aggregates resulting from the dissociation process
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Publisher: Asociación Mundial de Anatomistas Veterinarios
xmlui.dri2xhtml.METS-1.0.item-citation: Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia, December 2005, Volume 34, Issue Supplement s1
Date: 2005-12-05
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Subject: Anatomía
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